Mymedicalpaypayments is an online web portal designed for users. It is an online web-based payment portal used by quite a lot of medical providers. Whether you have received a hospital bill or a bill by a doctor, mymedicalpayments helps to pay off such bills. Security is key, and my medical payments will ensure a secure payment with a safe method to pay your bills. This web portal by mymedicalpayments is a provision provided to all their patients by which they can pay their medical payments by making a very safe and secure mode to pay the respective doctor and by simply using their Web portal by just making a click at any time whenever they want. Being a patient and taking an appointment with the doctor and after the doctor's checkup and once you are given a prescription you are required to pay the doctors’ fees online. This payment of fess has been made into a simpler process with the mymedicalpaymets web portal.


  • To login into mymedicalpayments you are required to visit the mymedicalpayments website homepage
  • Once you are on the homepage, you are immediately prompted to sign in using your account number
  • Your account number is on your statement of account form on the top right corner or even the bottom of the statement of account form
  • Users then need to verify their identity by entering the patient's date of birth, the last four numbers of the social security number, or the patient's phone number
  • Click and check the "I have read the terms and conditions" box and proceed further
  • After entering all necessary details continue to click sign-in
  • You will then be redirected to the mymedicalpayments dashboard


  • Mymedicalpayment can also be used to make all of your health insurance payments, To do this you need to enter all the information about your insurance. For this, you need to fill your form which is available on the backside of your billing statement.
  • All payments on mymedicalpayments are entirely safe and sure guranteeing you security
  • You have an option to update your billing address in-case it has changed.
  • If users have any queries, they can call the mymedicalpayments customer service which is entirely free. You can contact them through their website by looking for the contact us option at the bottom of the page.

The following steps can be used to pay all your mymedicalpayments:

  • If online users can go to the main website of mymedicalpayments, they can pay using your Account Number.
  • Users can also pay by phone by calling the customer service phone number. While not all payments accepted by phone, they will help you with any other queries.
  • Users can pay by mail. The mailing address will reflecton your bill if you choose to pay this way instead.
  • If you do not have any health insurance, you can conveniently and efficiently make use of the service provided by mymedicalpayments program set up.